Schnitz – Top Ryde

The Top Line: Schnitz will offer a good standard schnitzel, but the best parts were the sides. They had really nice salads and amazing thick cut fries! This is a great option for a quick lunch or takeaway at an affordable price!


The Review: Schnitz is sort of an institution in Melbourne and has recently opened up three stores in Sydney. It focuses on the humble schnitzel in 4 variations – chicken, beef, fish and vegetarian – and does it in all sort of forms and variations – plain schnitzel, rolls, wraps, burgers, salads.



My first thought – where is the classic pork schnitzel?!?!?! <– This thought still lingers. But anyway, let’s review what they did have.

Chicken Schnitzel and Fries ($9.90)

Chicken Schnitzel Meal with Fries
Chicken Schnitzel Meal with Fries

This is a good value lunch! BUT BE WARNED – unlike the picture, this meal only comes with ONE schnitzel. I added an extra schnitzel for $6.50 (I thought it would be another whole schnitzel, but somehow, my extra one came out to be HALF THE SIZE of the normal one!! I don’t know if this was a kitchen stuff up, or if the extra schnitzels are meant to be smaller…)

The schnitzel itself was well crumbed and had a nice crumb flavour. The chicken was tender. However, it could’ve been more crispy, the chicken could’ve been juicier and more tenderised/flat with one of those schnitzel hammers.

The FRIES, however, were some of the best I’ve ever tasted from an outlet!! They were extremely well seasoned (you barely need any sauce!! Although I did get a sweet chilli and mayo sauce which was also nice but 50c extra) and soft and addictive. Yeah, I would go back to Schnitz, not for the schnitzel, but for the chips.

Beef Schnitzel and Side Salad ($12.50)

Beef Schnitzel and Salad
Beef Schnitzel and Salad

Opting for a healthier meal option with the salad. Although it did cost more, the salad was wonderful!! The garden salad was fresh and well dressed while the coleslaw had classic flavours and worked so well with Schnitzel!! Ok but the beef was a bit dry and the crumb definitely not crunchy (less than the chicken crumb).

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