Kent Street Kitchen @ The Langham – Sydney

The Top Line: Expect a fine dining restaurant in the beautiful Langham Hotel. Triple thumbs up for the presentation of the dishes, quality of the food and balance of flavours. Double thumbs up for excellent service and a great atmosphere!


The Review: The restaurant is presented in such a way that gives is a relaxing atmosphere and makes you feel like you could stay here for a long time without any rush. There is some soft background music playing, loud enough to cover conversations from other tables, which are quite far away, giving that little bit of extra privacy, but quiet enough so you can hear company on your own table. We are greeted by a lovely warm host who introduces us to the menu for the night.

Entree 1: Seared Scallops 

FullSizeRender 5

This was the seared scallop entree with carrots, zucchini, a carrot puree, pancetta and jus. The scallops were cooked perfectly, with a caramelisation on the surface from the sear, which added a little bit of crunch and saltiness as the rest of the scallop melted away my mouth. What made it even better was combining it with the carrot puree which added a touch of pure sweetness. The vegetables matched the dish well and the crispy pancetta was just like a sprinkle of salty magic as a final touch.

Entree 2: Quail

FullSizeRender 2

This was a quail entree with figs, asparagus, fois gras and jus. It was just as good as the scallop dish with a similar sweet flavour balance from the fig. The quail was close to falling off the bone but incredibly tender with a sweet, slightly sticky glaze. The fois gras added a it’s own richness and delicacy to the dish.

Main 1: Wagyu Short Rib

FullSizeRender 4

This beef was cooked well-done … well, they didn’t ask me how I wanted it cooked but maybe it was only done one way … either way, it was super super tender and definitely not tough. The flavours were a dark braise which was lightened by the cute little onions and cauliflower puree – absolutely delicious, I loved the onions!! The pan seared radish was also a great addition to the sides and necessary for its juiciness. The fried eschallots on the short rib were great because I love a bit of crunch on my plate! The only thing that could’ve made this dish better would be a little bit more sauce for the wagyu!

Main 2: Venison

FullSizeRender 7

This dish is a work of art! The Venison was cooked quite rare but with a pepper crust that was so peppery it was great! The Venison was incredibly melt-in-your-mouth worthy, although I did find some parts a little bit stringy! What made this dish amazing, however, was the perfect combination of blueberries, beetroot, radish and edible flowers on a dark beetroot puree. Everything about this dish is dark and mysterious but they bring out the sweetness out of each other and could not be more beautifully presented.

Dessert 1: Apple


How cute is this dessert!!! Two ‘apple’ mousse balls with a slightly sour ‘skin’ mousse and a sweeter apple mouse filling which was light and smooth. There were cute little chocolate stalks sticking out and pieces of dill to make it seem like the apples have fallen straight off a tree and onto the ground. The soil was pretty special as well – a crumble with popping candy sprinkled on top of custard with cinnamon apple pieces (much like an apple pie). It was an incredibly fun dessert to eat, I loved it!

Dessert 2: Corn


Corn? How can corn be a dessert? This was absolute genius. Take a corn cob straight off the tree, deconstruct it and turn it into a beautiful dessert on a plate. The sweet corn kernels were charred a bit and also present in the burnt corn ice cream, very nicely cornelled 🙂 The chiffon cake so light and airy and was there to soak up all the flavours of the corn and yuzu, which added a sweet acidity to the dish. The rice crisps resembled popped corn and added crunch to ever bite while the ‘hay’ was pivotal to the recreation of corn on a plate and so clever!

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