Golden Palace Yum Cha – Cabramatta

The Top Line: The last time I came to this yum cha was at least 5 years ago, and since then it has undergone an ownership change and restaurant restructure, but the basic concept has remained – a stereotypical Chinese seafood restaurant by night, yum cha by day.



The Review: Going for Tuesday yum cha was very quiet. Less than half the tables in this big restaurant were filled up and there were a few lonely trolleys circling the place. We had tea upon arrival but waited quite a while for a food trolley to wander over, therefore, the first thing we ate was outstandingly delicious because we were keen and hungry.

Prawn Chang Fen: The rice flour skin tasted incredibly fresh, which was the winner for me! Probably the best one I have had – and well, the inside always tastes the same HAHA I’d say that is the one distinguishing feature that made it for me 🙂


Fried Whitebait: Crispy, addictive and very nicely seasoned, with a little bit of fried onion and vermicelli, it’s the snack you’ll keep reaching back for.


Congee (Preserved Egg and Pork): Favourite congee flavour, but not my favourite congee. It was way too watery for me, rather than rice congee, it seemed more like rice water congee and I struggled to find lots of pork pieces in mine. The flavour was there but it was a little on the salty side, leaving my thirsty and reaching for the tea pot.


Fried Har Gow: Fried har gow?!?! So damn strange this creation was – not only was it fried har gow – it was fried har gow WITH CHEESE ON THE INSIDE – OMG!!!! Yeah, tbh it wasn’t that nice. The shrimp bit of it was really dense and clumpy, while the cheese made it overly heavy and this fried ball was exclusively oily. I could see the oily seeping out as I held it between my fingers (not even squeezing it). What’s more, they give you this slightly sweet white creamy sauce to dip it in, which is like fat overloadddd. Sounds like heaven..? Cholesterol heaven.


Chicken Feet: Good old chicken feet – These were really your standard yum cha chicken feet, not better and not worse. Actually they were quite delicious, because I generally like all Yum Cha Chicken Feet HAHA.


Flaky Pastry with Savoury Taro Filling: These are always favourite because they’re crunchy, flaky and delicious. I really like the mushiness of the taro in here, and it was also filled with some savoury shitake mushrooms and random mince. I think there could’ve been more filling thought – the pastry and dough definitely dominated in this dish.


Spring Roll: Yeah, the spring roll wasn’t that great. The filling was light or moist, it was, again, like the fried har gow, a bit dense like a frozen sausage roll – though, for once, this wasn’t just a vegetarian spring roll and had lots of meat in it.
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