Pasticceria Papa – Bondi Beach, Five Dock

The Top Line: Best cheesecake in Sydney? Hell yeaaaaaah. The creamiest cheesecake you will ever taste, and it doesn’t even resemble the cheesecake you’re used to getting – because Papa knows best and this is Papa’s ricotta cake! Also, even if you’re not into that stuff, the cannoli on display … *drool*

The review: In the past two weeks we’ve been to both the Five Dock store and the Bondi store (but unfortunately not its flagship Haberfield store) after been wanting to go to Papa’s for months to try its famous ricotta cake.

It definitely did not disappoint.

We are not exaggerating when we say the ricotta filling in the cake is so creamy and pure deliciousness. I would definitely go for the ricotta cake for a safe choice – and it doesn’t even taste like cheese! So if you’re worried you might not like it because you don’t like cheese, do not fear, Papa is here!

Nutella Torta Di Ricotta (medium – $32)

The Nutella rendition of the cake was basically your original ricotta cake dusted with cocoa powder and generous dollops of Nutella on the surface. Cutting into the cake, we reveal this delicious mess:


There was also dollops of Nutella infused throughout the cake!!! Omgerd.

There is no need to order these cakes in advance, because apparently they make heaps of these everyday (I’m assuming), because, we just rocked up at about 11am at the Bondi store and asked for the cake and they just went inside and got it from the back!  We got this for a friend’s birthday and after a nice filling brunch (at Trio Bondi fyi), the six of us struggled to finish half the cake because it was so creamy (and the Nutella was so dense).

Note for Five Dock store: There is extremely limited seating at this one. There’s only about two single patron tables inside so expect to just take-away at this. The Haberfield and Bondi Beach store should be good though 😀

– C

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