Trio – Bondi Beach

The Top Line:Β Nice views, nice food, and the appropriate price tag to go with it πŸ™‚


Trio Bondi was hard to miss. It is directly opposite of the iconic Bondi Beach and the bus from Bondi Junction passes and stops pretty much right in front of it. Definitely consider booking well in advance because this place does get rather busy! They have long table right next to the window that is ideal seating for groups of up to about six.

The table had two jars of this Shakshouka – one red and one green – that you could purchase for $12 each πŸ™‚


Mocha with Belgium chocolate

I decided that since I was here already, I may as well go all out and order a drink – and who wouldn’t? Look at that dusting! So pretty πŸ˜€ I ordered a mocha, which was one of the best mochas I’ve had when you’re in the mood more for a hot chocolate than a coffee – which was exactly what I was after that morning (AtΒ Haven’sΒ it was the best mocha for the coffee component). When the waitress brought it to the table, she kindly informed that there was chocolate at the bottom and to mix it through first before drinking. Yessss – I love places that make their hot choc and mochas with good quality chocolate instead of just cheap powder. It was the perfect balance of chocolate and coffee I was looking for!

Chai latte

The chai here was not too strong and more on the milky side, although you can still taste the chai flavours. A ordered this and she enjoyed it, and to quote, “This is a really good Chai latte!” – because sometimes you just get some either a water or artificially strong mess 😦

Salmon Bruschetta –Β with bread, boiled eggs, salmon, asparagus and rocket

Pro tip: Don’t try to cut the bread with your knife – it will be too hard to cut through hahaha. Look at that salmon!! A tried this and even though the crust of the bread was hard to cut, the bread was very soft and delicious, especially with the generous spread of special cream cheese.

Shakshouka – with two eggs, turkish bread and hummus

I ordered this Mediterranean dish and I went for the red one instead of the green one because the green one had chilli in it and I am not one to do chilli. This dish was a bit spicy anyway but it was certainly bearable and made the dish taste better. The turkish bread was great for dipping (and on its own too!) and oh my god the hummus – no words can describe how good it was. It was so creamy and had a slight nutty flavour – and did I mention it was soooo creamy and good? Yeah I think I have. I was eating this stuff straight with a spoon … no shame. The chilli on top of it was also really nice.

Green shakshouka – with two eggs, turkish bread and hummus

The green shakshouka had a much different taste from the red one – and I would say I prefer the red one over the green one. It tasted a bit like jalapeono sauce imo. Slightly more sour than its red counterpart, this one packed a punch with each mouthful and was still delicious. Apparently you could actually try both if you ask for the red and green in smaller separate pans with one egg in each.

Pulled pork benedict
Trio breakfast burrito – with scrambled eggs mixed with cheddar and chilli, chorizo with spicy guacamole, sour cream and tortillas

This was another popular dish at Trio and it was basically a deconstructed breakfast burrito where you kind of DIY and put all the components together yourself. The chorizo was delicious and tasted Mexican, yet didn’t have the same feel as the stuff you’d find at your average GYG or Mex chain. We found the hummus went well with this as well πŸ™‚

All of these dishes were SO filling and the servings were so generous that we all struggled our way to the end. It did end up to be almost $30 per person, but I guess because you’re looking at a location right opposite the beach (you can see it from your seat), and a meal that sustained you all the way until dinner, it is reasonable.

If I’m in the area, and looking for good brunch, I would definitely come and dine here again πŸ™‚

– C

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3 thoughts on “Trio – Bondi Beach

  1. Wow, looks good! Was in Bondi about 10 years ago, surely it was not there then. We are not familiar with shakshouka, what exactly is it? Also, did you order/try all this food? πŸ™‚

    1. Shakshouka is pretty much a mix of tomato, red capsicum, chilli, garlic and other spices πŸ™‚ Kind of like a sauce, that is served with poached eggs and some dipping bread! Yes, we ordered everything pictured! ^_^

      1. Sounds great! Will have to try, though might be hard to find here in Korea. Thanks for sharing! ^^

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