Indo Rasa – Kingsford

The Top Line: Great value quick eat right next to uni! Tasty food + Cheap Prices = Happy wallets and happy tummy 🙂 Would recommend for dinner after a long day at uni, if you happen to be around that area!


The Review: I don’t have much experience with Indonesian food. In my mind it’s almost identical to Malaysian food. From what I’ve learnt, there seems to be more similarities than differences. In terms of similarities, both are deep, rich, flavoursome, abundant with spices, big incorporation of curries, coconut flavours and both like doing that nasi lemak thing with stuff around a pile of rice. In terms of differences, I found that Indonesian flavours are much more strong and distinct, like a sharper slap in the face rather than a slow and steady punch. In saying that, my experience at Indo Rasa was pretty great! I had great tasting food at quite a cheap price!

Ayam Bakar


A quarter of a chicken, basted with lemongrass and grilled til tender! This was my favourite chicken of the night because it was juicy, tender and slightly charred to give it a smoky flavour as well. The lemongrass really did come through and contributed to its well rounded taste! I also liked the fried onions on top – nothing beats fried onions! And the chilli sauce was amazing!! Even though it was spicy, the flavour of it was so addictive. My only regret was not eating this with my hands and eating off the bone.

Nasi Rames


This was a tumeric rice with beef rendang, fried chicken, satay veggies and random colourful prawn crackers. The fried chicken was good but not as good as the the ayam bakar (that set the standards very high)!! I also remember the beef having this slightly goaty taste to it, like it’s been cooked in goats milk. I’m pretty sure it hadn’t, but that’s what it tasted like to me! The tumeric rice looked so fun and definitely stepped up plain white rice.

Nasi Uduk Komplit


Here we had a coconut rice with fried chicken, mix of giblet and sambal veggies and marinated beef jerky. I loved the coconut rice – it was fragrant and well made. The chicken was a bit tougher than all the other chickens because of the cut that I got! And I think the frying made it even tougher. The beef jerky was quite special. It was surprisingly easy to eat (i.e. not that teeth jerking), incredibly flavoursome and addicting! Sambal veggies were spicy – I preferred the peanut sauce veggies andddd I didn’t really notice the giblet at all, I thought it was tofu!

To Drink – Tehbotol

IMG_3451 2

This cheap Indonesian iced tea in a box. It was tasty and refreshing, sort of like a mix between a normal ice tea and an asian herbal drink. I liked it a lot and it helped me so much with counteracting the spiciness!!
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