Yok Yor Thai Food Factory – Haymarket, Sydney CBD

The Top Line: There is always a time when you will feel like Thai, and if you’re tired of the same old chains like Chat Thai, Home Thai etc, like I was, give this place a go! It’s small, but cosy. It’s no fuss Thai food – quick, cheap, satisfying.

The Review: I loved the concept of this restaurant – a food factory. The interior kept an industrial feel with no ceiling, steel like overhanging lights and a production line picture on top of their open kitchen. The staff even had these cute little green mechanic uniforms ^_^


The staff were friendly and the food came really quickly! First up – classic Chicken Pad See Ew ($8.90 – wah so cheap, makes it seem like a food court!!) 

Chicken Pad See Iew
Chicken Pad See Iew

The serving was generous!! I loved this pad see ew – the noodles were very chewy and fun, while the flavours of the soy leaned towards the sweeter side, which I didn’t mind. It was such a great satisfying pad see ew. I loved it, it was as good as a $15 Pad See Ew!

I was flicking through the menu for something else to order and came across this specialty – Scallop Fried Rice ($13.90)

Scallop fried rice

I thought $13.90 for a dish with scallops in it was pretty good bang for your buck, and boy, this fried rice was packed with scallops!! I even thought it was too much because there could’ve been a scallop in each mouthful! It was really delicious, I cannot complain about the flavours, it was just damn tasty. I thought the random addition of celery in a fried rice was quite strange… but then again I’ve never seen scallops in there either. As long as it tastes good, then why not!

This place has such a big menu – it’s jam packed with all types of rice, noodle, curry, desserts, snacks, entrees … it has classic Thai dishes and some Chinese influenced ones, like Char Siew Pork Rice or Hainanese Chicken Rice. Whatever you fancy, though, if you feel like Asian, I’d say this place would do a pretty good job at good value! Will definitely return and choose this over lining up for Chat Thai!

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