Cho Cho San – Potts Point

The Top Line: If you’re going to come here for dessert, order their green tea soft serve and black sesame mochi! Will envision to come here again for a sampling of their food menu (and this time, we must remember to book because we might not be as lucky!) The service here is also A+ 😀

We had just had dinner at Osaka Bar and we figured that  since we were already in the area, we’d drop by Cho Cho San for their desserts! We walked past this place twice before we saw it. The signage was not the most obvious thing so make sure you keep your eyes peeled and Google Maps out 🙂

Here’s some context: It was a Saturday night at like 8:45pm. This was Cho Cho San, a very popular restaurant. We had no reservation … so what were we thinking? Actually, we weren’t really thinking because we didn’t think it would be thaaat bad, but with a group of 6 we were told that it was a 1.5hr wait when we went in. We considered just taking the soft serves away and be on our merry way, but then the waiter (who was very hospitable, might I add!) told us that we were very lucky because we might just have to wait for 10-15 minutes.

Green tea soft serves ($6)

Of their desserts, their green tea soft serves were probably the most well-known and it was obvious that this was a real Chanoma contender. So, did it live up to the premium soft serve price tag? Well, yes…it was a very good green tea soft serve – it was just the right level of creamy and had no strange aftertaste that you sometimes associate with matcha desserts or just matcha in general. It had a nice green tea flavour that was a bit stronger than that at Chanoma, BUT to be honest, I would probably not come here again craving these cones.

Black sesame mochi ($6 for two)

These weren’t on the menu but were recommended to us by the waiter. One serving came with two blocks of black sesame ice-cream mochi and they were priced at $6 per serving – so we got two. It was basically black sesame ice-cream wrapped in thin mochi skin, which was reminiscent of daifuku. The coldness of the ice-cream placed a nice contrast with the mochi skin and it had a good, strong black sesame flavour.

Steamed yuzu pudding ($12)

The steamed yuzu pudding sounded really good so we were also compelled to order that. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit and is commonly found in many Japanese desserts. Even if you didn’t know what yuzu was, once you had a spoonful of this pudding, you would have no doubt identifying the citrusy flavour – because it was really strong. The syrup that glazed the top of the pudding was very tart and this made the whole dessert rather overwhelming – so make sure you get some ice-cream in each spoonful too! 🙂

– C

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