Devon on Danks – Waterloo

The Top Line: Would probably not trek it here again for the food, but might consider if I’m in the area to try the donuts and Thai Milk Tea soft serve I missed out on having!!!! Update: I have now tried the cronnies and oh wow they’re really good, probably the only thing I’d eat there.

The Review: On the day i went, I did not end up trying to the two things I wanted to try – i.e. the donuts and the Thai milk tea soft serve 😦 so disappointed. This was because, when we got there at 12pm, there were only a handful of donuts left and being not very smart, we didn’t order them as soon as we got there, but waited.. when we wanted to order, there was only one raspberry donut left and we asked for it. However, it turned out that we got beaten by another customer so we never got to try it 😦 Furthermore, when I asked about the Thai milk tea soft serve, the waitress informed me that the machine was out of order for the day for some reason. Talk about unlucky!

Here, go oogle at some nice photos I did manage to get before it was sold out:


Danks Breakfast Burger

At first, I was a bit disappointed with the look and size of this burger, particularly given the price tag of I think $16. It was actually really small…and I even started to regret ordering it. It also looked really simple. However, when I cut into it and took a bite, I was pleasantly surprised by how it tasted! There was some potato hash underneath all the stuff you see in the picture and this was crunchy and nice! It made the otherwise average (imo) burger much, much better. I’m glad it was there, or else I would have really been disappointed…

Cauliflower soup – it was on the special menu for $12 🙂
Cronnies! Oreo (left) and Green Tea (right)

Finally got to try these at the Night Noodle Markets 2015 at Hyde Park! Loved the green tea one the most because the filling was so divine hehehe #sweettooth4eva.

– C


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