El Bulli Spanish Tapas – Surry Hills

The Top Line: El bulli offers a nice variety of Spanish tapas with good flavours and decent portion sizes. I did have a great experience there with the atmosphere and service, but the food wasn’t exceptional so I probably wouldn’t go back.

The Review: The interior of the restaurant was lovely, with cute decorations and paintings on the walls reminiscent of Spain, a dimly lit and cosy restaurant even though it was incredibly spacious and could seat a lot of people, real candles on each table and a small bar.The service was very attentive and friendly.

We came here on a Groupon for a 9 course feast for two people. This was a relief for the indecisive bunch because I didn’t have to go through the chaos of choosing what I wanted to eat – a lot of things on the menu sounded intriguing!

1. Ciabatta bread with olive oil with manchego cheese and jamon – I liked the generous drizzle of olive oil, the bread was extremely crusty, the jamon was salty and the cheese had a real depth of vintage flavours.

2. Olive selection – perfect to tickle your taste buds … wait, more like punch them with the strong salty flavour of stuffed olives.

3. Roasted peppers with tuna and feta – Soft peppers with mushy creamy filling inside and a little bit spicy

First three courses
First three courses

4. Salt and Pepper fried whitebait – The whitebait was extremely tough and chewy, like it was practically impossible to bite it in half. But the batter was so crunchy and that, combined with the salt and pepper tastiness made this an addictive side that we kept munching on until the whole thing was gone

5. Croquettes with white sauce and ham – Nothing beats a fried crumbed croquette with a delicious filling inside that oozed out as you ate it 🙂

6. Chicken Skewers – The chicken looked a bit dry to me but it was actually okay! Although not the most succulent chicken ever, couldn’t be from the cut and the way it was cooked, but the flavours were there and it certainly was nice, not rubbery

Fried Whitebait
Fried Whitebait
Hehe, this one looks like a seahorse
Hehe, this one looks like a seahorse
White Sauce and Ham Croquettes
Chimichurri chicken skewers

7. Pipis with white wine, lemon and cream sauce with jamon – I love pipis and these ones were in a creamy sauce that worked beautifully with the small pieces of jamon, exactly like the perfect white cream pasta sauce + bacon combination

8. Pork and Coriander Meatballs – This was actually my favourite of the night. I loved the saucy salsa and the way the meatball fell apart in your mouth. It wasn’t dense and the coriander really helped to give it a fresh bite.

9. Mussels with Spanish Salsa – The mussel were massive and they packed a great punch as well. The actual mussel was a little bit too salty, which is why I needed huge amounts of salsa to balance it out. They worked well together in the end, but it could’ve been less salty to start of with.

Pork and Coriander Meatballs
Mussels in Spanish Salsa
Mussels in Spanish Salsa

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