Em Pho – Eastwood

The Top Line: Can’t decide between beef or chicken pho? Why not have beef AND chicken pho! Now all you have to do is choose beef or chicken broth … Goodluck!

The Review: I found Em Pho a little different to the average pho shop anywhere. Here, the broth is very clear and very light. Some might say the flavour is thus more bland, but I think there was just enough flavour there to keep you happy, while being on the lighter side as well. The beef came cooked here (there is rare beef as well) but despite this, is was still much more tender than other Vietnamese restaurants I’ve been to (*cough* orange one *cough*). I liked it! The chicken was also very tender. I can imagine the chicken broth having a much sharper flavour than the beef one, but it’s good that you can choose, catering for the indecisive pho eaters out there.

Chicken and Beef Pho with Beef Broth ($11)

The vietnamese fresh pork and prawn spring rollsΒ were indeed very fresh and nice and tightly wrapped.Β It came with a spicy dipping sauce which was very tasty but if you can’t take any spice, that would be a problem. I even took out the red chopped up chillies from the sauce dish but the flavours were already infused. Resorting to the sauces on the side of the table was a bad idea because it just wasn’t the same 😦


The restaurant is also a lot nicer to sit in, with spacious and clean tables. You don’t have that squished rushed feel of other places! Will come again to try the beef and chicken pho in chicken broth!
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