John Smith Cafe – Waterloo

Did someone say Smith? John Smith? Because I heard he makes pretty good cous cous and pumpkin salad .. πŸ˜‰

The Top Line:Β The cous cous and pumpkin salad is definitely worth your time! Healthy AND tasty πŸ˜€ Come hither, friends! Eat without feeling the tiniest bit guilty for eating out because it actually feels clean and healthy.

Flat white ($3.50)
Nutella Cronut ($5.50)

The Nutella cronut had a thick spreading of Nutella on the top, along with some biscuit balls and sprinklings. The biscuit tasted kind of like the base of a cheesecake – lots of graham and butter πŸ˜‰ but it added a really nice texture that contrasted with the cronut itself. I’ve had better cronuts at Brewtown,Β because there would be filling on the inside as well. However, this cronut was still good as it wasn’t sickening sweet!

Caramel and macadamia cronut ($5.50)

The caramel and macadamia cronut was another good choice. This was much sweeter than the Nutella one, but this was expected because could you just feast your eyes on that shiny caramel glaze?!

Pearl cous cous, roast pumpkin, goats cheese, roquet, cranberries with grilled chicken ($17)

I just had to order this dish, because it was Insta-famous! These days, instead of browsing the actual menu, I just browse my visual menu by searching the location on Instagram (thank you so much for the update that lets you search places now hehe). This was a very good choice because I really enjoyed it and the serving was huge! The chicken was grilled, with lemon pepper that provided a nice flavour to the entire dish. I really enjoyed the goats cheese, which was creamy and provided a great complement to the cous cous and roast pumpkin. Also, turns out that “roquet” is just rocket!

Roast vegetable frittata on brioche w/ fennel greens, goats cheese, beetroot humus ($12)

ThisΒ frittata had a really nice visual presentation and a large serving as well! My friend did not end up finishing the brioche – which meant I got to sample some. To be honest, not the best brioche I’ve had… in my opinion it was rather dry and this risked being a deal breaker. My friend however, thought the dish was “absolutely divine” and having not really tried the rest of it, it’s hard for me to be a judge.

Speck, eggs, cheese, avocado salsa, tomato roquette garlic aioli on damper roll ($14)

FYI, speck is an Italian cured, smoked pork meat – saved you the Google πŸ™‚ This was unique, because the bread was actually toasted damper, which I thought was kind of cool. They accidentally split open the poached egg though but it’s okay because the guy was really nice and apologised for it.

Grilled lemon pepper chicken brioche, brie, roquet, avocado and aioli ($18)

This came with the same grilled lemon pepper chicken that was in my pumpkin and cous cous salad! Yay! Anyway, as none of us were experts in the subject area of cheese, we were all a bit confused when we saw the cheese slices delicately balanced on top of the burger filling. I thought it was some type of egg tbh HAHA but turns out it was just brie, which had an interesting flavour and did not really taste like cheese at all.

– C

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