Kazbah – Darling Harbour

The top line: Come here if you want to try some exotic Middle Eastern cuisine . Slightly on the pricier side but you’ll get great food, great atmosphere, great dancing (there was a belly dancer who kept the crowd entertained and even got people from the audience to stand up and dance with her), beautiful view of the harbour. The service however, was a bit slow for the night but that’s okay since it was a Saturday night and time flew quickly when you’re with friends in such an atmosphere.


The review: I wanted a change from the usual Asian/Italian/Western eateries in the CBD so when a friend suggested Kazbah in Darling Harbour, I was intrigued to try some Middle Eastern/North African cuisine. We arrived at 6:30pm and the restaurant was still relatively empty with a few occupied seats outside, facing the beautiful view of Darling Harbour. Since we were in large group, we were given the large group menu which was slightly different from the menu I saw on their website. Their water were served in the most fascinating water jugs I’ve ever seen. Such precision and skills were needed to pour it without spilling any water on the table. Unfortunately, we did not possess such skills and ended up with a watery mess on the table. There were a few mint leaves inside the water jug which made the water taste a bit too minty for my liking.

Funky water jug
Chicken, chermoula, lima beans, potatoes and green olives

We ordered 2 tagines served with either carrot steamed rice pilaf or couscous – we went with the couscous. This was a rather large serving for 1 but since I plan on getting desserts afterwards, I shared this with a friend and still felt very full afterwards.

The Kazbah Casablanca royale for two – 12 hours braised lamb shoulder, roast vegetables, sultana jam.

I was quite surprised with this dish. The lamb was really soft, tender and full of flavour. Although it was a bit expensive, this dish can easily satisfy 2 or maybe even 3 people. This was actually my favourite dish of the night – other than the dessert, of course 🙂

Dips with a variety of bread and dip choices
Shish Kebabas – camel kafta, brown lentil moujadara, tunisian style ratatouille, data sauce, crispy fried onions.

How exotic does camel meat sound?! Once my friends saw this on the menu, they had to get it! We were all pretty curious as to what camel meat tastes like. It had a very distinct taste to it that you can tell it’s not just your regular chicken or beef. The closest thing to describe it would be a mixture of lamb and beef. Exotic~

kazbah bomb

Favourite dish of the night. I now understand why it is called The Kazbah Bomb. This dessert also came with a shot of vodka which the waiter poured over the dessert and set it to flame. It was quite a show as I certainly did not expect my dessert to be on fire!!  The exterior was made from a soft and fluffy meringue and the inside was filled with sponge cake and Turkish delight ice cream and served with blueberries on the sides. This definitely ticked all the right boxes for me.

– K

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