Envy Deli Cafe – Summer Hill

The Top Line: A humble little cafe with a spacious backyard. It feels like you’re having brunch in Surry Hills or Bondi, when you’re really in … the inner west! Have that lazy Sunday feel any day of the week!

ENVY Deli Cafe in a corner of Summer Hill
ENVY Deli Cafe in a corner of Summer Hill

The Review: At first glance, the cafe seemed packed and I was worried we would have to wait for a table! But the waiter took us through to the back of the cafe and behold, there was a lovely secret garden with lots of outdoor seating, as well as another room for indoor seating. It was a beautiful day but still, winter, I’d prefer to be indoors.

Surprise Backyard Seating
Surprise Backyard Seating

A selection of baked goods and pastries
A selection of baked goods and pastries

Coffee:Β I loved their Chai latte – it came hot, just the way I like it. The natural sweetness level was perfect, as was the size of the glass.

Left: Cappuccino Right: Chai Latte
Left: Cappuccino
Right: Chai Latte

Soup of the day was a carrot and pumpkin soup. This sounded delicious and it was in fact thick and creamy, less so than a complete pumpkin soup – but that might fit your fancy. However, there was a little bit of sourness (and this did not come from the sour cream, I think it came from the carrot). Once you had some pumpkin seed in your spoonful of soup, it added a lovely texture as well. Also came with two thick slices of buttered toast so you definitely shouldn’t get hungry on soup!

Carrot and Pumpkin Soup
Carrot and Pumpkin Soup

A classic eggs benedict will need to be judged at any cafe. This was a no fuss, no frills benedict with some fresh spinach leaves. I found the sauce a bit thick and overly gluggy though ..

Salmon Eggs Benedict

A generous portion of an open pumpkin pie/quiche. A deliciousΒ shortbread-like pastry and great of pumpkin – just like the menu said! This was such a healthy dish with a pile of salad (with dressing!) right beside it.

Pumpkin Tart
Pumpkin Tart

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