One Tea Lounge & Grill – Wynyard, Sydney CBD

The Top Line: What do you get when you cross an asian bao, matcha and a burger? Meet the Baoger! Something a little different for a burger crazed city.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 2.07.16 pm
Wagyu Beef Baoger

The Review: These Baoger’s seemed a little small upon first glance, but the buns are incredibly dense and can fill you up quite well! The bun had a lovely tensile chew to it, and havingΒ it by itself, I could taste the subtle matcha flavour. It was quite addicting and I found myself almost finishing the bun by itself…

The baogers come in four flavours – Wagyu Beef, Chicken, Tofu Chicken and Pork Belly.

I tried the “Tofu Chicken” Baoger, which confused me a lot – was it tofu or was it chicken?

Tofu Chicken Baoger
Tofu Chicken Baoger

OK it was basically two pieces of fried tofu, made to seem like “chicken” … they could’ve just called it a fried tofu baoger instead! It came with a piece of lettuce, tomato, some corn, tomato sauce and a lovely creamier mayo-like sauce. The baoger definitely needed the sauce because the tofu by itself was flavourless, and the whole thing would be very dry.

We also ordered a side of matcha fries,Β which were shoestring fries sprinkled with match powder.

Matcha Fries with Curry Sauce

It took many fries for me to start tasting the matcha. It was lightly flavoured like that. I loved the curry dipping sauce that came with it, with a good Japanese curry flavour. (This sauce also rescued my tofu baoger as well).

Matcha Chocolate
Matcha Chocolate

This hot matcha chocolate drink was half a matcha latte and half a hot chocolate, with a distinct split down the centre. It came in a giant bowl-like mug with no handles (let’s just call it a bowl then). You might think that this combination doesn’t work but the two flavours blended in which other really nicely, and was soothingly warm down my throat. The level of sweetness in this was also perfect (Y) You can see a lot of effort went into the making of this drink!

The restaurant is very spacious and is meant to liven up at night, given it is a bar. There was a wide drinks selection, but if you were coming down for lunch, it would be a nice quiet place to sit in with extremely attentive service and interesting foods, although not that cheap.

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2 thoughts on “One Tea Lounge & Grill – Wynyard, Sydney CBD

  1. Hi thanks for writing up the review & glad you enjoyed the Matcha Baoger when we ran the complimentary Free Matcha Baoger promotion. Our usual serving also has a side salad & watermelon to go with our burgers/baogers but as we were doing the promotion, we went with just the singular baoger.

    Also apologies with the Tofu “Chicken” – that was a misprint on our lunch menu as I had probably copied and pasted the line above & didn’t change the word “chicken”. It was mean’t to be Miso Tofu Vegetarian so hopefully that clarifies the menu option.

    There are four options for each burger:
    – Original Wagyu Beef
    – Braised Pork Rib
    – Teriyaki Chicken
    – Miso Tofu Vegetarian

    Thank you for coming and hope to see you soon again and try out other menu items and drinks!

    Cheers David

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