Circa – Parramatta

How much does it take to be labelled “the best in the West” by both locals and non-locals alike? Well, in terms of space, not much it seems! Circa is one of the top rated cafe restaurants in the Parramatta area and rightfully so. Sure, some dishes are average, particularly when compared with the offerings at other cafes, but some dishes are so good you want to go back for more.

20150716-DSC_4196-1The small little cafe was easy to miss, even with the bright red umbrellas they had out the front (pro tip: look for the bright red umbrellas). It was only a couple of minutes from the station on its quieter side, but its a different story once you walk into this place – come late and be prepared to wait. We arrived at 10:30am and were lucky enough to get the big table that could seat 6 people, but just half an hour in there was a line outside (in the rain, might I add!).

Soy cappuccino ($4.50)

The coffee at Circa has been raved widely, so it wouldn’t make sense if one were to come here and not try the coffee. I chose a soy cappuccino because some places get this drink horribly wrong (must have something to do with the ratios). Here, they did it extremely well and I’m glad I now know what a good soy cap tastes like.

The owner of the place was really hospitable. I really liked her personality and service at any restaurant is something I value above all – probably besides the food, because if the food is good I might be able to let the shitty service slide a bit. However, the owner was really genuine and greeted us warmly. She did seem a bit confused when my friend whipped out her phone’s flashlight and put it behind a napkin to diffuse the light for better lighting … but she accepted that we were a bit weird and gave us an extra napkin hahahaha :’)

She was also very concerned about our photo-taking methods and kindly suggested that weΒ “stop Instagramming” and to eat the food before it got cold.

Baked eggs ($19) – free range eggs with sujuk, danish feta, diced tomatoes with a hint of chilli and sourdough toast
Avocado, feta and ricotta smash on sourdough with confit of cherry tomatoes, charred corn salsa, seasonal mixed leaves, dukkah and poached egg ($17)
Ottoman eggs ($17) – poached free range eggs with crumbed eggplant, garlic labneh, burnt chilli and sage butter served with a seeded sourdough
French toast with poached rhubarb, brulee banana, fresh berries, labneh, cinnamon, spiced honey syrup and crushed pistachio ($17)

Apparently we picked the four most popular dishes at Circa. Yay – because the descriptions sounded delicious and these dishes were delicious! I would say my favourite would be the Ottoman eggs, particularly the crumbed eggplant base. The baked eggs with the sujuk also had good flavour and was the prettiest of the bunch (along with the french toast). The avocado smash was also good, but nothing special tbh – standard cafe breakfast food.

Recommended dishes: Ottoman eggs and baked eggs!

– C

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