Jambo Jambo – Crows Nest

The Top Line: It’s not often that you’ll ever eat Ethiopian food so the experience at Jambo Jambo was interesting. All in all, friendly staff, great concept, while the food was decent but quite average.


The Review: Set in a questionably plaza in Crows Nest, this restaurant was tiny but extended their tables into the plaza. Sitting inside was lovely, with African inspired wall decorations, colour scheme and music – It felt quite festive and warm.

The entree that came was a surprise. There were two pieces of Samosa, which was mild, crunchy and delicious with some honey for dipping. The inside was filled with lentils and a curry flavour. Wha puzzled me more was the raw beef in lettuce. I was quite sceptical about it, as it looked like beef mince… I had a taste of it, it was marinated in spice and you are supposed to wrap it up in the lettuce and just munch, but I’ll leave it up to those that can tank raw meat.


The main was much more exciting – a platter of main dishes and Ethiopian Bread, aka Injera. This was their specialty and probably one of the only places you’d be able to find in Sydney. Great service with the chef coming up to explain the components of the dish and how to eat it!


The Injera was extremely porous and spongy. They say that it tastes a little sour, but I would argue that it is extremely sour, although the sourness is quite similar to sourdough bread. It was fun to unravel the rolls and dip them or wrap them with the mains.

In the background is the spicy chicken dish – chicken leg and egg in their special blend of sauce and spices. The chicken was extremely tender and the flavours were creamy and mild.

In the middle we have the lamb dish – sort of like a stir fry of lamb pieces with vegetables. The lamb was quite tender for a dry dish and also carried a nice charred flavour.

In the front we have the chickpea dish – blended chickpeas with butter and other condiments. The only way you would eat this would be to dip the bread in. It was actually my favourite taste, but I dare say it wouldn’t be good value to order this without a groupon (yes, we had a groupon).

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