Ramen O-san – Haymarket

The Top Line: If you’re into ramen, then this is a must-try. If you liked Gumshara, but thought the broth was a bit too thick then this would be the perfect establishment for you!


Chinatown is literally spoilt for choice when it comes to ramen. There are three food courts in Chinatown and each of them house a high quality ramen joint. In the underground Dixon St Food Court you have the recently opened Osan. In the upstairs Sussex St Food Court, you have Ramen Ikkyu hidden in the far corner. Finally, on the ground-ish level Eating World food court, you have the well-established Gumshara.

The review:Β 

These days, going to ramen places has been kind of no-brainer. Don’t know what to order? Order their signature! Don’t know what their signature is? It is probably their tonkotsu ramen…plus an egg – because eggs always make a bowl of ramen many times better πŸ˜‰ (except .. they actually justΒ chuck the whole egg straight into the bowl as pictured – y u no cut it open for me for some glorious food photography?!)

The tonkotsu ramen broth was so delicious – I would say that it is as good as Gumshara, and better because it was not as thick and heavy but still had really good flavour. Both places advertise no MSG and I believe them, because their both is great without the nagging super thirsty feeling you usually get after a bowl of noodles. Overall, this felt ‘healthier’ than Gumshara … not that I’m saying that ramen is healthy – hey! It’s healthy for the mind and soul :’)

P.S. It’s only $9.80 for a good serving! Yay under $10 eats πŸ˜€

– C

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