Chef’s Palette – Strathfield

The Top Line: Not a bad place to just chill in the afternoons or evenings with your friends over some drinks, although the desserts in the display are a bit pricey.


This used to be a My Sweet Memory (MSM) but I’m pretty certain they are still owned by the same people and they simply wanted to renovate and establish a new name and brand. Their take-away coffee cups still say MSM on it so yeah. To be honest, I enjoyed the MSM vibe more because it was just overall brighter and had a Β more cute Korean cafe feel to it. Chef’s Palette is darker inside with darker colour schemes and carries a different atmosphere.

Their cake and dessert display was very attractive. I think everything cost approximately $8 in those displays, which might seem … quite steep for one slice of cake or a tiny jar of tiramisu – it is actually quite steep actually. I don’t really think it’s worth it at all.

I was kind of hoping this to be as good as BSP’s watermelon cake but lol the joke’s on me. WHAT WAS I THINKING hahaha that was impossible!! Although, I did hope that this would be fairly decent. Except… it wasn’t. It was the biggest let-down ever. When you tried to fork the cake, each layer fell apart so what you got left with was a deconstructed cake by the layer. Even then, it didn’t taste that great. Yeah, so don’t be fooled.

This green tea tiramisu jar was actually really good – except one let down was its price and corresponding size. I was kind of misled by the pictures of this jar and thought it would be bigger than it was but please note that these are TINY and for $8. Your call, friends!

I’ve also tried their iced green tea blended which is a classic and really good so I would definitely recommend that because it was standard $5.80 pricing. The mango yogurt smoothie was also good and tasted like Yoplait – but green tea blended or iced green tea latte is (Y)

I have heard their breakfast/brunch menu is pretty decent, so maybe that calls for another trip during the day!

– C

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