Kraving K – Brewery Yard Markets, Central Park

The Top Line: Pretty and aesthetic with a strong foodie following – but taste wise, it was rather a let down.


Wanting to catch Kraving K at the Brewery Yard markets before they closed their kitchen for renovations, we rocked up bright and early on a Sunday morning to finally get our kravings (see what i did there) fixed. WELL, we thought we were bright and early but turns out when we got there at 10am (which was when it opened), there was already a good line of about 20 people. Well. . . I’ll be damned. I’m guessing its because it was uni break and recently more and more people found out about this cute little pop up cake stand.

They weren’t ready at 10am yet, but the line did quickly build up. About 40 minutes later, they began serving, where people were taking cakes of every flavour they had! It took us one hour before we were able to finally order … !

We got a matcha cake slice (because they ran out of the individual cloud cakes), an earl grey cloud cake and a chocolate fondant. All the cakes and tarts were $7 each, whereas the fondant (still warm!) was $8.

In all honesty, I was really disappointed with how they all tasted, especially after having to line up for an hour for it. I really don’t get the hype – or maybe I do…because they had unique flavours and were very “instagrammable” for sure. The cakes were basically chiffon cake with unique Asian inspired flavours. It reminded me of the cakes you find in Asian bakeries behind the display windows like Breadtop. The earl grey cloud cake, although had a really nice earl grey cake quickly became boring past the first few bites because it was really plain – there was nothing inside these cakes and without cream it was really … uneventful. The matcha slice cake was better, because it was encased in a lot of cream, which really saved it. I had to take some of the cream from the slice cake for my earl grey cake – it was saved too!

The matcha fondant was still warm when we got it 🙂 The outer dark chocolate shell was a bit stiff and not as soft as you would expect from a fondant. It tasted like a really dense chocolate brownie – actually it was almost like just eating a cakey-piece of chocolate if that makes sense?!

– C


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