Pho Hoang Gia – Flemington

The Top Line: Come here for no frills no strings attached but also nothing really special pho -added bonus, at least you won’t come out of here smelling like you sat in the pho kitchen all day and this place is pretty roomy and good for groups of people!

Flemington. Ahhhh the suburb may as well mean pho! If you crave the classic Vietnamese beef noodles, you’re actually spoilt for choice in Flemington. This time, we hit a place I’ve never been to before. It’s right next to the seafood/fish shop that is also next to the driveway into the car park.


I ordered number 4, the rare beef and beef balls noodle soup for $9.50. The broth it came in was really clear – like more or less absent of big fatty oil bubbles floating around in it – which was a good sign for those more health conscious! But this did mean there was nothing wow about this place as the taste was definitely compromised. Moreover, they were rather stingy with the meat 😦

I also ordered their young coconut drink, which was refreshing as always. The glass it came in was smaller than the ones I’m used to and they used actual ice cubes, as opposed to having the ice shaved. I don’t know which I prefer but I feel like the ice cubes took up a lot more space in my drink and as a result I didn’t have much actual ‘drink’. They were also stingy with the coconut slices. Probably won’t come back for a second visit I suppose.

– C
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