Phoenix – Rhodes

The Top Line: The first time I came here, I loved it and wanted to come back. Now that I returned for a second time, I wont be coming back for a third.

The Review: I remember the delicate tastes of har gow, chow mein and mango pancakes from last time I came here and eagerly went to relive that experience. However, this time there were some misses with the food and because it isn’t that great for the wallet either, I think I’ll lay off the yum cha for a while.

The Har Gow was actually great!! The skin was nice and soft, but not like plastic, and the filling of prawns was juicy and tender, not rubbery and glued together like other restaurants. The flavours for this were also spot on.


I loveeeeee beancurd skin and this is usually my favourite dish at a lot of yum cha places, like Tim Ho Wan. I can’t deny the flavours are addicting. The beancurd skin on this was great in the middle! (A bit hard to bite, just the way I like it), but near the ends it was rather hard.


I believe this was a vegetable and pork dumpling with some shrimp as well. The skin was the same as a har gow. There was an overwhelming taste of carrots in this, which I didn’t really enjoy. Everything inside felt quite separate, there wasn’t a unity amongst the members of the filling.


These fish cakes were overly salty and included water chestnuts (which I find a burden to eat – the texture and taste just ruins a lot of things), coriander and some dried shrimp. It definitely needed the sweet chilli sauce to give it some sweetness, otherwise the flavour was incredibly monotonal.


Beef Chang Fen:Β After having the best chang fen in my life last time in Cabramatta, this did not exceed that. It was good, no doubt, but my expectation bar was just raised a little too high. The beef filling was great and the outer skin was pretty soft and melted in my mouth.


After asking around 3 waiters for chow mein, it was finally delivered to us by a trolley lady. However, it came cold and dry, like it had been sitting in a trolley since the morning. There was no sheen of oil from the cooking process and everything seemed quite dead. We asked the waiter to heat it up for us and it came back hot, but no less dryer. Very disappointing as this is usually one of our favourite dishes at a yum cha restaurant … go figure.


Dammit those trolley ladies really push dishes onto you don’t they. I originally wanted a nice steamed custard bun. But she insisted this was a custard bun because it had custard inside. No, when you’re craving some white fluffy buns, bread simply will not do. I had to eat my words those, this was super crispy on the outside (both top and bottom), soft on the inside and delicious. Although the custard inside could’ve been a bit less solid, I wanted to eat more.


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