The Palace Tea Room – QVB, Sydney CBD

The Top Line: One of the more affordable, decent high tea options in Sydney CBD.

This place is different from the more well-known QVB Tea Room – this place is located on level 2 of the QVB and is much smaller and hence less pricey and more affordable at I think $35 per head for the traditional afternoon tea.


This was the serving for one. Starting with the sandwiches at the bottom, they were pretty decent sandwiches but nothing really special, because after all, they were sandwiches. The biscuit thing behind them was a sundried tomato biscuit. This was bad. Not going to lie – it was oily and just unpleasant to eat and I couldn’t finish it.

On the top, there were a number of desserts. One of my favourites was the avocado, chocolate and Vegemite tart – sounds like a weird combo but it weirdly worked. Although if you absolutely HATE the taste of Vegemite, I would recommend you avoid the base/bottomost layer. There was some green marshmallow thing and I can’t quite recall what flavour it was… oops, but meh nothing exciting. Another favourite was the passionfruit tart pictured behind the avocado one 🙂 but kind of reminded me of those cakes you find at all-you-can-eat buffets.


This macaron was nothing special – although instead of just the ganache cream type filling in the centre, they had some berries too.

They also had a rather wide selection of teas, but I would stay away from the mango (I think) tea. I enjoyed the earl grey, genmaicha and rose tea.

Overall, I was stuffed and rather full.A lot of us could not even finish and had to take away hahaha. It was definitely a high tea experience, if that was what you were after, but the food was a bit disappointing to say the least.

– C

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