Brewtown Newtown – Newtown

The Top Line: Crooooonuts mmm. Yes pleaseee! One of the best I’ve had! Also, I would recommend you order a coffee, mainly because their complimentary mineral water instead of just plain tap water is not something that suits all palettes.

Pineapple Cronut

We ordered one of the normal plain cronuts and also one of the pineapple cronut above. I can’t really remember what was inside it, but there was some custard thing inside it which came as a surprise! This really added a nice dimension to the croissant flavours of the cronut with a contrast in texture and taste- and although it was sweet, it was at a level that wasn’t overly empowering. This was my first cronut so it really did set the standards high because I also expected other places to have fillings in theirs – but apparently not! So these ones are really win 😀

Elvis Burger

As I had only come here mainly for the cronuts, I didn’t really think ahead about what dish I would order. However, after reading the menu for a bit, the Elvis burger sounded interesting. Apparently this was Brewtown’s savoury take on their Brewnut! When it arrived, it really did come to me as a surprise because I was expecting a conventional burger with like … you know … burger buns? But instead of the buns, there were two savoury cronuts sandwiching the patty. Interesting concept. Personally, I didn’t really dig it because well, it wasn’t really what I was expecting and cronuts as buns was a bit overkill imo.

– C

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