House of Pumpkin – Strathfield

The Top Line: If you’re here for dessert, I wouldn’t recommend this place for their bingsoo. There are other places in Strathfield with far superior!


We ordered a “King Boy” patbingsoo, which was the largest one and came in a 2L beaker – and while it’s presentation is rather nice, with the colours of different types of fruits peeking out of the top, it’s taste was rather disappointing. As pictured, you could see that a good portion of it was just plain, unflavoured ice with not enough condensed milk. As a result just imagine eating fruit and red bean with ice. A pretty pricey bowl of fruit and ice tbh. Or soup.

However, they did have cornflakes in it which made it crunchy and I liked that. But I still wouldn’t come here again for the bingsoo… (p.s. Pishon just up the Boulevard is much, much better).

– C
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