PR Korean Restaurant – Lidcombe

The Top Line: Although tasty and full of flavour, the dakgalbi was a bit pricey for what it was.


PR Korean Restaurant in Lidcombe was one of a handful of Korean restaurants in Lidcombe. I had always walked past this place and admired its menu but it took me a while before I actually went in to try. For lunch time, I believe they have this $10 bibimbap deal or something, which a lot of people were having. But this wasn’t why I had travelled there for. I came for the dakgalbi BBQ stir fry. I shall get my dakgalbi.

We ordered the Soy Chicken BBQ dakgalbi. The menu said that it carried “mild” spiciness but let me tell you, there was zero spicy here. Like, there was no spiciness at all that the mild wasn’t even justified. So just a word of caution! It came with a mix of cabbage, rice cakes, japchae potato glass noodles and chicken on a hot pan. The serving size pictured is for two people and I think it was $14 per person. For $14 pp it looked very underwhelming and to be honest, we were expecting a lot more.


However, even though it didn’t look like much, we were absolutely stuffed by the end of the meal. The meal was very flavoursome and I could definitely taste the soy sauce. Overall, it was a tasty meal.

– C

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