Fox & Ferret – Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand

The Top Line: Great vibes, warm atmosphere, the best staff and really really really good food (desserts are the bomb)!

The Review: Long story short – came here for the stone grill, they ran out of stone grill (HOW CAN YOU RUN OUT OF STONE GRILLS ITS JUST MEAT AND A PIECE OF STONE!!) but nevertheless I loved it!!! We had to resort to their regular menu – which was not extensive but included some steaks, pasta, salads … basically pub food. The highlight seemed like their dessert menu … because they made it very hard to decide.

Canterbury Lamb Salad

Being a tourist in this country, I was not leaving without some lamb. This salad was strange at first sight – it combined some cooked and raw vegetables – carrots, zucchini and onions were cooked, tomato and lettuce were not. However, they worked really well, because I generally dislike the harsh crunchiness of raw carrots so this definitely softened it. The lamb was grilled and seasoned incredibly well! A little tough with the edge pieces but some beautiful tender meat closer to the middle. The feta sprinkled over sealed the deal, added more flavour to the dish. Plentiful and yummy.

Sirloin with Peppercorn Sauce


Ordered medium rare – got medium rare. It was a lovely piece of juicy sirloin and the peppercorn sauce had a nice consistency so it wasn’t gluggy at all and had peppery flavour that was not overbearing. The roasted vegetables were just that, so that was pretty average but the kumura mash was the best!! Smooth, tasty and a perfect companion to a piece of steak.

Sticky Date Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream


This sticky date was amazing. What was more amazing, though, was the icecream. It’s vanilla was intense and the texture was perfectly creamy and held together. If I could order just the icecream I would … actually I think there was a ‘sundae’ dish on the dessert menu … The caramel sauce was smooth but very sweet so you didn’t need much to go with the sticky date. The cake was quite light but had some nice bite to it. What I would’ve liked to see would be a little bit more dates inside and more more more icecream haha, at least one that was twice as big.

Bounty Sticky Rice with Coconut Shortbread 


I thought this dish was a great idea! The rice pudding was soft, mushy and creamy – just the way I like it. The coconut shortbread was lovely to eat with the rice pudding but was a bit crunchy. Overall, I found this dish to be quite heavy and could’ve been lightened up with some fruit (i.e. mango) … but then it wouldn’t have been bounty. This dish was what it was and I did like it!


Tried the Feijoa & Pear – Ginger Beer – Great drinks! Very natural flavour and less sweet than other soft drink brands so it was incredibly refreshing.

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