C One Espresso – Christchurch, New Zealand

The Top Line: What a great find in Christchurch City – it fits the ambience of the city perfectly and brings in that hip, retro and gothic vibe. There is an amazing range of tea and coffee that’ll keep you intrigued.

The Review: The restaurant really excited me. For one, their exterior is beautiful. It is set in a very nice old building, still standing gorgeously in the centre of a post-quake Christchurch.


The inside is like something out of a science movie – its strange, wacky, quirky and very groovy. These giant plastic transparent globe lamps and bronze rings appear like something from a laboratory, but they match well with the plastic tubes that run across the restaurant – delivering their special “Pneumatic Sliders” – very clever!

You can get the sliders for $20 for three plus a side of fries and a pottle of tomato sauce (which so happens to be a bizarrely good tub of tomato sauce. Unfortunately, we forgot about its existence until we had 5 sad curly fries remaining and generously dipped those fries, dowsing them in sauce).

Their menus are crazy cool and will give you something to do while you eat. Their sugars are also creative – actually what a brilliant word to describe this restaurant – utterly creative.


Of course this was my favourite part – when I hear the ‘ding’ and see a tube with our order name on it. I eagerly fetch the tube, tugging a bit in order to pull it out. Next, how to open the tube. … ….

It was a simple twist, revealing three sliders and some curly fries (how excitinggggg!!! they did one of our order wrong but the brilliant staff quickly brought out the correct version for us ^_^)


A note on all the burgers – their BUNS were amazing!! They were toasted til crunchy with sesame seeds on top but were never dry. I would eat these buns by themselves!!

  1. Edamame – this was my favourite. It was saucy and juicy, despite there being no meat. It was flavoursome and minty but creamy with a special mayo sauce. It was just an unexpectedly good burger, which is why I loved it so much.
  2. Beef – Loved this beef burger with a coffee sauce. It had a thick layer of cheese which was a bit heavy and overbearing, however, if you leave that off or just deal with it, then this beef burger is extremely tasty and tender.
  3. Fish – The fish burger was the mistake burger but it was yummy. The fish was a cute and small piece of battered fresh fish with some radish white sauce that made it a classic winner.
  4. Pork (pictured above) – was pretty damn good for a pulled pork burger with red cabbage. It wasn’t dry at all and the flavours were light but complimented each other really well.

On their drinks – about half of their drinks menu was tea (but called something foreign so don’t be fooled), and unless it says iced tea, it’ll be hot tea. For example, I ordered the Turkish Apple Tisane (pictured below)


It was so interesting, your tea comes in a little matchbox with two servings, so you can drink one now and take the second one home to enjoy later. I had two cups with a sugar cube in each, which was just the perfect amount of sugar to make this tea delicious. It was fruity and aromatic with apple goodness!

Please come here when you’re in Christchurch!! This place is one of a kind and – p.s. I saw their dessert fridge and it looked AMAZING!!!!

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