The Canopy – Sydney CBD

The Top Line: The canopy is a great place to hang out after work in the city, to catch up with friends or to have a family dinner. We loved the casual-fine setting, simple menu, attentive and helpful staff and the meat… we loved the meat here!!! (Also hear they do great brunches as well!! So I can’t wait to try brunch there one day)

The Review: The Canopy is situated across from Hyde Park and the Downing Centre on the fringe of the CBD, which is probably why it gets less attention than restaurants in a more central area. The design of the restaurant had smart little elements that represented the canopy of a three, from it’s hedges in the outdoor dining area, to the ‘tree-trunk’ table legs and the overhead canopy plus birds hanging off the ceiling.

Our decisions on what to order was hard, even though the fact that every item with ‘red-wine jus’ was eliminated because C was driving and therefore couldn’t have an ounce of alcohol in her system HAHA. So then we unanimously settled on the braised beef cheek, lamb roulade, romagnola pizza and a chocolate fondant for dessert.

Braised Beef Cheek – with pumpkin puree, sauteed spinach, braised onions, crispy prosciuotto, jus


What can i say! We got a lovely chunky piece of beef with tendons throughout, making it extra gooey and yummy. Compared to the lamb dish, the flavour of this was a little more bland but in its defence, I thought it was just right because there was nothing that significantly overpowered the flavour of the beef – except maybe the braised onions…they were quite sour and strong, but actually did well to cut through some mellow flavours. The pumpkin puree was delicious and looked deceivingly like mustard. It went really well with the beef but there just wasn’t enough of it so I had to ration my puree. The spinach was actually mouthfuls of joy for a spinach lover ^_^ and yeah, the proscuitto didn’t do anything for me.

Lamb Roulade – Twice cooked with chorizo, cannelloni beans, tomato fondue and parsnip crisps


Visually, this dish was amazing. I took the parsnip crisp (at the time i just thought it was potato) excitedly in my hands, waiting for a nice crunch in my mouth – unfortunately that crunch never came 😦 #disappointed. Ok so the lamb roulade came in a stack of two. I cut one open and was left wondering … what roulade?! I always thought a roulade constituted a piece of meat being rolled with something inside, but where was the filling? This was actually just a piece of meat that was made into a roll but with nothing in side. Don’t get me wrong, the lamb was probably the most tender lamb that I’ve eaten, and it did have a lovely smoky flavour andddddd everything around and under the lamb was beautifully put together to make an excellent dish, but I guess I was just a bit hopeful there would be something inside the roulade. No, I really did like the bean, tomato and chorizo combination, it was (Y) adding to the lamb!

Romagnola Pizza – proscuiotto, tomato, shaved parmesan and rocket


I expected good pizza here, and this was very good. The base wasn’t wood fire thin but it wasn’t dominos thin n crispy either. It was a good decent thinness and held together really well. The crust was beautiful to eat because it was crispy, even after sitting there for 15 minutes. I didn’t really taste a sauce but the tomato piece definitely helped with the taste. There was a perfect amount of cheese on the pizza and toppings were generous!!

Chocolate Fondant – with poached strawberries, pistachio and ice-cream


C couldn’t keep her eyes off of this when we walked into the restaurant and saw another table with it. We dug into the fondant and …It was so gooey and chocolatey on the inside – perfect. It was steaming hot out of the oven, you could feel it on the ramekin! My favourite part of this dish was the poached strawberries. They were coated in a syrupy not-too-sweet layer and the strawberries were just little bursts of fruitiness which, combined with the chocolate and pistachio anddd the ice-cream, makes a balance made in heaven!! 🙂

All in all, The Canopy impressed me. I thought it would be overrated with inflated prices but average food at best – but they proved me wrong. The food was really delicious and worth the price. Although the food took a while to come out, the service was nevertheless great, attentive and friendly – and the best part of waiting for the food is that it comes out straight from the kitchen, hot and fresh for eager eaters.

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