McDonald’s – Christchurch, New Zealand

The Top Line:Β One of my favourite hobbies (missions in life) is to grab a soft serve from McDonald’s in ever country I visit. So what does New Zealand have to offer?! – Sweet pies, savoury pies … and no lamb burger D;

The Review: Georgie’s Pies were an institution in NZ, before they disappeared and were brought back alive in McDonald’s stores. When I passed a small town one day, I saw they had a lamb and cheese flavoured Georgie’s pie. The next day, I headed to McDonald’s in Christchurch city and saw instead a butter chicken pie (and a plum and custard dessert pie!!). This sudden change was interesting but nonetheless I was keen to see what a butter chicken pie tasted like!!


Wasn’t the best pie ever. The crust was very dry and so was the filling. I would’ve loved the sauce oozing out with every bite, however it was very thick and seemed a bit gluggly – like custard from a powder. The flavours were good and not overly salty and the chicken was in plenty, which is a big bonus.

Next… dessert!! Apart from the traditional apple pie, NZ hosted a banoffee pie – which is basically banana and toffee.


Fried to a delicious crisp on the outside, the insides were a bit more disappointing. The banana was there and it wasn’t too sweet, but it was still too dry.


The soft serve, however, was a 10/10. It was creamy, vanillary and the texture was tops! I would’ve gone for seconds had it not been so late in the night. One of the best soft serves around the world!

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