Hominy Bakery – Katoomba

The Top Line: Cute little bakery with a selection of unique and delicate sweet & savoury baked goods. I would sample everything in here if I could, but the custard tart was definitely a winner.


The Review: This is an extremely homely bakery with a small shop front, but I’m thankful because any larger and my decision would have been a lot harder. The only thing I wanted to try in here was the little custard tart with raspberry, but the apple and rhubarb turnover caught my eye as well.


Now the tart… it looked like a dry crinkled pastry with oven melted cheese on top. I didn’t expect the custard to be so light and gooey as I bit into it. The few pieces of raspberry scattered within the tart were a great sweet touch, cutting through the custard. This was definitely my favourite. The apple and rhubarb in comparison was a bit ordinary. Coated with thick sugar crystals, the pastry of the turnover was delicious, and the filling inside was generous and rich, with a tang of sourness from the rhubarb. All in all, this bakery is a special little spot that you wont find anywhere in Sydney – they also have a great selection of savoury pies!

Custard Tart with Raspberry




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