Lookout at Echo Point – Blue Mountains, Katoomba

The Top Line: One of the best fries I have ever had!! Good quality cafe food in a beautiful setting – with outdoor seating overlooking the blue mountains and a array of ultimate comfort foods – milkshakes, donuts, coffee, hot pies, toasted sandwiches and wraps, daily soups and cakes.


The Review: We had walked all the way from Katoomba station, past rows of cafes and restaurants which we decided not to go to (because we weren’t hungry at the time). But now we were. And now there was only one source of food, having arrived at the echo point lookout to the Three Sisters.

It was called ‘Milkbar at the lookout’ and decorated in white/blue paint that made it look farm fresh.

I had decided on getting a falafel wrap, but something form the bottom left corner jumped out at me. It was the pulled pork sandwich with a colourful slaw. After getting that toasted, I knew I had made the right choice.

Pulled Pork Sandwich Toasted $9.50


The pork was quite tender, not the most moist but it had a sweet flavour, almost like an american style BBQ sauce. I thought the slaw added an excellent fresh edge to the sandwich and came with just enough of a coleslaw-like-sauce.

Oz Beef Pie $7.50


We also tried the Oz Beef Pie, which was made from puff pastry instead of normal pie pastry. It was flaky, hot and crisp. The filling had generous amounts of beef steak in rich sauce, however, it was a bit too salty (as in, the dominant flavour in the mixture was salt). And in that sense, the overly salty and saucy filling meant that you needed to have a thicker pastry to draw away some flavour – and puff pastry didn’t do that job. The puff was very thin and just made it seem more salty and heavy.

And then we have the magical hot chips, the hero of the day. It was $6 and that was the best money spent. They were crisp and nicely seasoned with chicken salt. The potato was fluffy and not dry at all. Usually you have those massive chips that no one wants to eat, but I was happy with every single chip.

There is literally no other option that to eat here, if you are hungry and can’t be bothered to walk 20 minutes to Katoomba town centre. But don’t worry! The food here is decent and not as pricey as I thought a monopolistic food outlet at a tourist destination would be! Take advantage of having lunch in the mountains and enjoy the spectacular view.

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