Bitton Gourmet – Alexandria, Sydney

The Top Line: This french bistro is tucked away in outskirts of Sydney but a great place for date night or some fancy dining in a warm and casual environment. The menu is simple and so is the food. Tonight we had – French onion soup, Ocean Trout, Pork Belly and Bread n Butter Pudding.

The Review:Β This restaurant seems to be divided into two halves (one main, and one side smaller room – both are great and have a warm ambience and a great playlist with perfect volume! The service was extremely good, attentive and friendly πŸ™‚

French Onion Soup


This was like a tub of braised onions. The onions were cooked down til soft and melting, but the taste was a bit too bitter and burnt for me! I think it was supposed to be ‘caramelised’ .. (nevertheless, we finished it all). The small pieces of baguettes on top with cheese goes great with the soup, but i recommend taking it off ASAP because it’ll become soggy very soon.

Ocean Trout


This trout was A+++++++ !!!!! So silky, flaky, moist and tender!!! The skin was crispy enough.. wasn’t crunch in my mouth but there was a crispness to it. The flavour was just exceptional. Along with the butter sauce and fennel puree, the flavour balance in this was amazing. I think a squeeze of lemon would’ve been perfection!

Pork Belly

img_8663The pork wasn’t as succulent as I would’ve hoped for. The crackling on top was a bit strange – it was SO puffed that I thought it might not have been real pork skin, but you could taste the light pork flavour as you chew. The slaw of apple on the bottom with caramelisation paired well with the pork (reminded me of the onion soup from entree but better :P). I think this dish had to be eaten with all the elements together (including the mint, that was nice and tangy).

Bread n Butter Pudding


A classic dessert made from bread – this took it to the next level with gourmet bread, sultanas, almonds, a thin and silky creme anglaise and heavenly vanilla ice cream. It was actually delicious and definitely worth it! Do not skip dessert here!!

When we asked for the bill, along came these two bad boys:

Free Creme Brulee!


Oh my goodness, these were so good, and there was a thin layer of sugar heated to a crisp on top. This was not on the menu so it was super nice of them to give us a post-dessert dessert πŸ™‚ Did I mention we also got an pre-entree entree?

I loved my experience at BittonΒ and this is a great choice if you’re looking for a little French Dining around Sydney.

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