Bloodwood – Newtown, Sydney

The Top Line: Bloodwood has a bar at the front and an enchanting restaurant at the back with utterly unique dishes that you couldn’t find anywhere else in Sydney – Lamb nuggets with pistachio crumb and Polenta Chips, anyone?

The Review:Β Please get in early to avoid waiting. The restaurant itself isn’t big, and once a big group of people enter, you’re chances will be slim. We went at 6:20pm and got the last table for 4 on the deck. The menu is one page (while the drinks menu boasts a few pages), but all of the items were creations on their own.

Lamb Nuggets


This stood out to me the most. Braised lamb nuggets with pistachio crumb and a chilli and jalepeno dressing. So great!!! The crumb was crunchy and thick (thick is a good thing in this case because it was so delicious I couldn’t eaten it by itself). The lamb inside is tender but a bit dry. You definitely needed the dressed to lift it a bit. The dressing was light, punchy and tangy from the jalepenos and the simple radish slices were a great way to freshen it all up.



This was the winning dish of the night – Chickpea pancake with pumpkin and feta, quinoa and seeds. The pancake base was crisped up so nicely but didn’t feel oily at all. I loved the perfect combination of toppings and together the flavours were a celebration of mildness in my mouth.

Polenta Chips


This oh-so-famous polenta chips that almost every table orders here. Do not miss it! It’s crispy, it’s crunchy, it’s full of fluffy polenta and comes with a cheesy creamy sauce for dipping. The downside was that the chips were quite salty on the outside but bland on the inside. I didn’t mind that though, enjoy the ‘natural’ taste of polenta.. haha

Beef Brisket


A dish of heart, meat and flavour. Maybe a bit too much flavour, I felt like I needed a big bowl of rice (or bread) to soak up all the jus. This brisket came with angus beef, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, potato and beetroot.Β For me, the beetroot made the dish by giving you a break from all the heavy, flavour heavy ingredients. The beetroot stood its own.

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