Lorraine’s Patisserie – Wynyard, Sydney CBD

The Top Line: Being located in an alleyway doesn’t stop CBD crowds from flooding the place. It’s niche, it’s fancy, it’s range and stock is limited and it’s hot in demand.

The Review: I found many treasures in Lorraine’s just by looking around the bench tops and around the walls.

Chocolate and Macadamia Tart + Coconut Macaroon


Look at the gleam of the perfect chocolate tart with macadamia’s inside (perfect combo!!!) and a perfectly rough coconut macaroon for $3.

Frangipani Tart


I managed to get the last frangipani tart (hurraah!!) But I actually found this tart too sweet, as it was full of glazed fruits, and didn’t detect any frangipani inside (not that I know what frangipani tastes like …) The texture of the tart itself was great!

Watch this space … keen to try their other cakes!!!


How can we miss Lorraine’s famous mascarpone cake?! It’s alternating layers of creamy mascarpone with strawberries and crisp coconut dacquoise is to die for. The dacquoise top layer was definitely crispy and it was the dacquoise layers that gave the cake its beautiful texture. It had a wonderfully caramelised blowtorched finish, making it too beautiful to eat. Loved this cake and would certainly come back for this again – perhaps even a bigger size for special occasions. Glad to have tried this and is keen to try the other cakes. (Keeping an eye on you, Ruby’s cake 😉 )
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