Pho Ngoc – Hornsby, Sydney

The Top Line: This seems to be the only affordable place open for dinner around Westfield. Viet food is familiar, comfortable and you really can’t go wrong. Pho Ngoc was average vietnamese food and I kind of wish I had gone to the sushi train that was still open in Westfield instead!

The Review: Their menu is so wide and expansive that it threw me off making a decision!!! From traditional pho, to noodle soup with crab and pork, to pad thai, to yang zhou fried rice … I went with the classics – pho (with rare beef) and crispy chicken with tomato rice.

Crispy Chicken with Tomato Rice $12

img_8748The chicken was delicious. Great crispy skin, tender and meat that was full of flavour. I am a great fan of tomato rice but this one was a little bit more dry and hard than some that I’ve had before.

Beed Pho $12

img_8749The beef was sliced very nice and thin. The broth lacked flavour and tasted a bit watery. The noodles were quite alright but the broth has to be the most important part of pho so that let the entire thing down.

I would say this was a pricier vietnamese restaurant (I guess it is justified because of its location and because it is the only pho restaurant nearby). It doesn’t compare with the beats of pho, unfortunately, but who knows (!) maybe their pad thai is actually really great!

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