Stock Market Kitchen – Chifley Plaza, Sydney CBD

The Top Line: I am a stock market fan and believer! It started off when I would start my week by planning my salad combination and sauce… But sitting here in Chifley Plaza with my regular bowl of Goulash Soup in front of my I am quite sad. I wanted the Sardinian Cous Cous with pork sausage soup but that sold out and I chose this Goulash instead of a good stock market salad πŸ˜₯

[Disclaimer – I love stock market salads and I would rate them, and Soul Origin, as the best salad shops in Sydney. But this review is solely on the Goulash Soup that I had today, and is not indicative of the whole range of products from Stock Market. Believe me, I will be returning!! But just not for this soup.]


The Review: This soup has potato, carrots, celery and beef. No doubt it has generous ingredients inside but it is sooooo salty and concentrated!!! I was allowed to add on two ingredients so I chose croutons and pasta… Wrong choice the the croutons, they became instantly soggy and now I have mushed bread in my soup. [AND LOOK HOW HORRENDOUS IT MADE MY SOUP PHOTO LOOK!!!! This is so embarrassing.] The rye that came with it is good though. Still, I would choose a glorious fresh salad over this anyway! Omg life is sad. I’ve started dipping bread in soggy bread soup.

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