Flower Cafe Mattaniah – Lidcombe

Word on the street is that Lidcombe is getting some bingsu fix!

The Top Line: I will not be coming back here for bingsu, but maybe just for a coffee or something if I’m in the area ^_^

This cafe has an interesting concept. It is a flower cafe, quite literally. This cute little store doubles as a florist and as a cafe. From the outside, it is the most obvious cafe on the street, with tables on the footpath out the front. Making our way inside, there were flowers and flower pots everywhere, and there was even a big teddy hanging from the ceiling! The tables and chairs were had a sort of vintage European type feel and it was rather cosy inside. It was all really cute and pretty.

We ordered the fruit shaved ice, which is pictured above. This was the smaller size of the two bingsu sizes they had. They went through a bit of trouble getting our order, because I think they dropped our ice on the floor and yeah they had to remake it…. LOL …. but anyway this was a very disappointing shaved ice. It was shaved ice with fruit on top. The end. There was minimal syrup and it wasn’t that great. Will forever stick to Cafe the Jabez just up the street, because wow the contrast was so great!!!


Note: Due to technical difficulties, images on this post are no longer available to view.

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