UKIZO – Lidcombe

The Top Line:Β I probably won’t be visiting this place again………..not that there was anything terribly bad with it, but because I think there are better options out there. Or maybe I’m just sad I didn’t get to have what I came for.


I came here for lunch one day because I was in the area with a couple of friends. We were craving Japanese and this was the first restaurant we came across that advertised Japanese food, so in we went. We were greeted by the staff and to our disappointment, they were not Japanese, but Korean. Damn, there goes some of the authenticity.

i really wanted sushi and my usual to-go sushi would be a spider roll. But I didn’t want an entire roll to myself, so I was going to share with my friend. However, my friend is not the biggest fan of soft shell crab, so we ended up getting the seared salmon roll. IT WAS NOT THE SAME. I was rather disappointed tbh.

My friends ordered some black sesame icecream, and legit I think they just had the icecream from the grocery store, scooped it out and plonked it into a sad little plastic bowl – so not worth, even with sprinkles.

It was also kinda cramped, but the deco looked … decent I guess?


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