Vapiano – Sydney CBD

 The Top Line: I will probably only revisit this place if there was another freebie involved. I can’t imagine paying these prices for the quality of the food I got…

One day, I was browsing my favourite website **undisclosed** 😉 and I came across a post which said I could get a free “pie”, cocktail or wine from Vapiano’s new menu! I’ve been hearing quite a bit about this place, so I decided to give it a shot. Well…it’s free so why not?


When we walked in, the guy at the front gave us each a card as pictured below. The concept of this store was that your pasta would be made in fresh, in front of your eyes right after you customised your order at the pasta bar. You would use this card to “pay” or really, to record the transaction, and then when you were ready to pay and leave, you would bring this card up to the register and pay for all your consumed purchases. Interesting concept in deed – so ahead of their technology amiright?!?

Fancy shmancy
Pasta bar where you order your pasta! Bags and bags of pasta on those shelves 🙂
FullSizeRender (22)
Ratatouille linguine with complimentary bread

Well, I heard the pizza at this place was bad – so I made a point not to order that…so I went for the pasta. Although, I think their pasta is pretty bad as well. I don’t know… it just didn’t taste that good, especially for its price tag. Like for $18 or whatever I paid for it, it should be delicious!! But it wasn’t. Also, make use of that bottle of olive oil on your table, because bread doused with olive oil is ohhhh so goood.

FullSizeRender (23)
Brazilian style cookie layered pie

This was the freebie that I had originally come for from Vapiano’s winter warmer menu. This was definitely not what I expected from a “pie” because it was more like dense mousse, kind of. It tasted like dense cookies and cream mousse, and it was extremely decadent. I’m not sure how one could eat all this on their own…because it was so heavy.

Upon the encouragement of my friend, I ate a spoonful of this with olive oil.  . . because apparently Italians do that often for dessert. I don’t know, but the olive oil definitely enhanced and amplified the denseness and creaminess – I could feel it go down my throat. hahahahaha, but you should try it anyway, because it’s not as bad as it sounds. I actually thought it was interesting.

– C
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