Taste of Shanghai – Eastwood

The Top Line: My favourite place (along with Shanghai Nights in Ashfield) for dumplings and classic Shanghainese dishesย with a modern twist. The quality of the food here is consistent and everything on the menu makes my mouth water.


The Review: This restaurant in Eastwood is constantly buzzing with people and you’d likely find yourself in a line if you arrive during peak eating period on a weekend. The service is quite fast quite fast but not very friendly… which is ok, the food is worth it! They’ve started adopting this paper order service, much like Papa Rich so there is even less communication involved! We ordered three cold dishes and some class dumplings, which is an absolute must when you come here.

img_8837Soft, succulent chicken poached in Chinese white wine. As tender as hainan chicken with silky skin and strongly seasoned with salt. This cold ‘entree’ is great to start off the many dishes that follow!

Cold Marinated Fried Fish


This ugly monstrosity actually tastes really good. It is first fried to crisp up the skin, then marinated to make it all soggy again – BUT this gives the same amount of satisfaction as if you were eating some sweet n sour pork coated in sticky sweet sauce. The depth of flavour in this dish is immense and sinks right down to the bones of the fish. The meat is flaky and falls to bits when you eat it. The downside is the presence of bones (and some little fiddly ones) that might require the use of hands and fingers. … better not for a first date, but probably okay for a 7th one ๐Ÿ˜›

Silken Tofu

img_8839Straight out of the fridge, this silken tofu was delicious and extra silky! It is a simple, yet effective dish, celebrating the smoothness of the tofu and its subtle tofu flavour. The dark soy dressing with chopped preserved egg and preserved vegetables add a bit more flavour (saltiness) to the tofu, as well as some complimentary texture.

Xiao Long Bao

At Din Tai Fung, the skin is much thinner (almost baking paper-like) and the meat much more petit. Here, the skin is more like paper thin while the meat is generous in portion.ย Incredibly full of flavour and addictive.

Pan Fried Bun


Much more substantial, the specialty with this is the base of the bun pan fried to a crisp, yet maintaining a soupy inside and soft delicate bun texture. It’s white n fluffly, it’s delicious and juice, it’s filling yet small.. it’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a bun :’)

Love love love Taste of Shanghai – It’s one of the few restaurant I’ll always be happy to go to.

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