Cross Eatery – Wynyard, Sydney CBD

The Top Line: At the counter, you’ll see lots of fresh produce, sandwiches and quick takeaway breakfasts. It’s a great stop for any busy city worker and if you have a little time, sitting down to enjoy the awesome healthy and fresh food/drinks here is recommended.

The Review: Cross eatery is an open plan eatery with light wooden benches in a white foyer area of an office block. The menu was a good size so there was a great variety of choice for whatever mood you’re in, but it didn’t leave you pondering for too long.

We had our nice little zomato meet up in here and with the help of Nick, we knew that the soft eggs with soldiers was a good choice.



A modern twist on a classic breakfast that has kinda of disappeared off breakfast tables. The highlight of this dish was the puddle that the “63 degree” poached eggs were floating in. It had a magical depth of flavour… a strong and luscious olive oil flavour with a little bit of vinaigrette.. I actually don’t know what it was what that was the taste that I got. Once you poke through the eggs, the whole thing blends together and becomes a gorgeous dip for your soldiers. Did I mention how good the pepe saya butter was??? Bread, egg, bread, butter – that’s how you roll.

Chai Tea


I really liked the authentic flavour of this chai – there were actual chai leaves in the tea pot so you don’t get that grainy powder texture. The bad thing was, a few leaves did manage to get into my cup but that didn’t take away from the taste.


Pictured above is the Nonie’s roasted hazelnut muesli which looked divine!! I didn’t have any, but I was just imagining getting that next time I come here because it was so colourful and generous with fruits and nuts. It also looked incredibly healthy and I would probably be glowing after I ate that.

Cross Eatery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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