Est. Restaurant – Wynyard, Sydney CBD

The Top Line: Contemporary fine dining. The food here is worth every cent – from the bread to the butter, the entree to the desserts. It’s a two hatted restaurant from the 2016 Good Food Guide, but I reckon the only thing that has stopped it being three hats is the lack of harbour view… in saying that, I was staring at the food (and the nice lively interior) the whole time so that wasn’t really an issue either 😛

The Review: I went for a three course birthday lunch and chose Est because of the menu and its reputation as a simple, yet sophisticated modern Australian restaurant. That was my expectation… and Est didn’t disappoint.

Firstly – HOW TO GET THERE. I write this because I got lost and kinda stood outside The Establishment on George St. for a good 5-10 minutes wondering where the heck this restaurant was. Turns out it was on level 1 of the Establishment so I simply had to go in and take the lift up. (Silly me.)


My favourite was the Tuna sashimi (i.e. “Sashimi of yellowfin tuna, jamon cream, jerusalem artichoke, truffled ponzu, mustard, nasturtium). It was fresh, vibrant and completely tasty! All in all, I would recommend this entree to anyone that went because its super versatile and would please a lot of fussy people (hey, it worked for my dad!)


The mushroom consommé (i.e. “mushroom consommé, seared wagyu, enoki mushrooms, green apple, celeriac, onion rings”) had an incredibly light broth with a tonne of mushroom flavour!! The wagyu was quite rare but cooked in the broth, letting it simply take in the broth then melt in your mouth. A really good edition to this was the green apple slices, I just thought that was genius.


The grilled scallops (grilled scallops, bone marrow, pickled onion, potato wafer, parsley shallot puree) will always be a win for me. The scallops were cooked perfectly with flavours that matched. You had all different textures so this was an a classic well rounded dish.



The Lamb Loin (milk fed lamb loin and belly, grilled leek, pickled shallots, eggplant, mustard, miso, mint oil) was cooked medium rare and it was super tender. It came with two loin pieces and a crispy piece of what seems like pork belly, so I shall just assume that it is lamb belly, which btw, was really really yummy (charred, crispy and still tender!!).. oh, I just realised it is actually lamb belly from the description, woops! I really liked the edition of the jus and mustard. It was a rather gentle dish, IMO.


The Murray Cod (murray cod fillet, broad beans, zucchini flower, vongole, jamon, basil) was one out of two fish dishes. I chose this one because I thought there was a more even balance of flavours. It was actually quite heavy for a fish dish, but in saying that, the broth the murray was swimming in was tremendously tasty and creamy. Addition of the jamon slices underneath the fillet was necessary and improved the flavour up a notch.


The Sirloin (dry aged rangers valley sirloin, salt baked turnip, cime di rapa, anchovy, black olive, potato crumb) was an interesting choice. I really liked the black olive puree and salty potato crumb! It is a dark dish, if ever there was one – think about it – red meat, olive, anchovy, salty crumb … it speaks ‘i’m dark, but i’m oh so tempting … come eat me.’ So I did and it was really nice ^_^ Ended up also with a piece of contemporary art work!



Out of all the desserts, I think I chose the best two 🙂

Firstly, the visually stunning one – Coconut sorbet, black sesame, passionfruit curd, pineapple, coconut caramel, tarragon. I can’t get over how REAL the coconut sorbet looks!! It was so delicious that I would just want 10 of those coconut sorbet pieces to myself!! Everything else on the plate was good, yes, but the coconut sorbet completely stole the show.


Secondly, the best of the best – macadamia parfait, poached beurre bosc pear, white beer, pear sorbet, nougatine. Not as ‘impressive’ as the coconut sorbet … what am I saying, it’s like comparing gold to diamond… they were both good. I enjoyed every element on this dish – EQUALLY! Parfait – great flavour, smooth and creamy. Poached Pear – fresh and just the right size and amount. White beer – in the form of foam and was really fun 🙂 Pear sorbet – GORGEOUS!!! Tasted like real pear and went so well with everything! Nougatine – incredible crispness and flavour.


Est. in Sydney – 4.7/5

Perfect for special occasions and celebratory meals.

p.s. Did I mention the service was impeccable and yeah, I had a blast 🙂

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