Three Williams – Redfern, Sydney

The Top Line: A good solid breakfast spot in Redfern with heaps of spacious seating down in the dungeon (it was a rather warm and cosy dungeon) with plenty of fun for the whole family .. in the form of a blackboard, HEHE ^_^ It is on the $$$ side for breakfast ($70 for three people … maccas instead, anyone?), but you get what you pay for, and that is quality food and atmosphere.Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 3.18.57 pm

The Review: Was SO excited to come here and try their famous NARNIE. So itscaketime_ took their Zomato voucher and headed to Three Williams on a Friday morning. Unfortunately, Narnie’s only occur at lunch and this made us all really depressed. So instead we opted for ….


This was an amazing French Toast because the bread was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside (with a sort of brioche texture to the bread). It wasn’t drowned in super sweet caramel sauce, but lightly drizzled with a dollop of good yoghurt to counter that feeling of ‘i’m going to get diabetes after eating this.’ The addition of the fresh fruits and pecans was a double win of healthiness (Y)


Sorry, horrible photo of the maple bacon dish because the bacon is actually on the other side… BUT LOOK AT ALL THOSE CRUSED NUTS, the BULGING poached egg (as smooth as a baby’s bottom) and delicious smashed avo on bread. The best part was the maple bacon – it was more like a thick piece of pork belly with maple flavour but so so tender. Try and grab a mouthful with every element together and it’s so delicious!


Potato rosti with TWO poached eggs, tomatoes and prosciutto. TBH this dish was a little disappointing. The potato rosti fell apart easily so it was like eating shredded potato .. correction: tasty shredded potato, but the tomatoes were just raw cherry tomatoes.


The only shake on the menu … the only shake that they need. It was mild in chocolate flavour – which is great, because there were shards of pecan brittle on the bottom and if you were lucky enough to get a sip with pecan brittle, you got to enjoy a little crunch at the end of your sip πŸ™‚

The Chai was a bit average for me, quite watery. The flat white was very aromatic and the milk was frothed extra creamy, nice one.

Will be back for the Narnie … one day.
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