The Choc Pot – Chatswood

Knee deep in a sea of paper preparing for our final exams, a welcoming ray of light came through when the Choc Pot invited us to try out their desserts and drinks at their Chatswood District store! Wooohoo an excuse to visit the new foodie haven!


No visit to the Choc Pot would be complete without ordering their signature Choc Pot! It allows 10 minutes to be cooked so keep that in mind. They also had a soufflé on the menu that looked really similar, but it had salted caramel whereas The Choc Pot was a chocolate fondant. It came with two strawberries on the side, which tasted really good dipped in the waaaaaarm chocolate fondant. We would suggest you perhaps order some extra strawberries or even banana on the side however, because finishing it up was a bit of a challenge – it was so densely chocolately!

The S’mores Nut waffles came with four waffle quarters doused with nut butter and a toasted marshmallow each. It was generously toped with roasted hazelnut and combined with the nut butter, giving it a strong nutty taste. The s’mores and nutty combination was perfect and it reminded me of the having s’mores around the campfire at the beach! The marshmallow melted onto the warm waffles and it was so nice. However, while the inside of the waffles were nice and fluffy, we prefer the outside to be slightly more crispier to give it some more texture.


We ordered two drinks (pictured in the back) – the Passionfruit Banana Mango Frooty Spider and Cranky Pant’s Salted Caramel Milkshake. We noticed that we kept on reaching towards the Passionfruit Banana Mango spider to balance out our palette, after all the heavy chocolate and nutty flavours. It was a nice combination of fruity flavours with a tangy aftertaste. I guess the idea of having fruits in that drink made us feel a bit better and healthier after demolishing all that chocolate 😉

– C & K

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