Cyren Restaurant & Bar – Harbourside

The Top Line: Nice views + seafood platters = Yay!

Second visit (12/10/2015)

We came here for a birthday celebration! We ordered like three seafood platters and five lobster mornays. The seafood platters were good – I particularly liked the smoked salmon, but the prawns were also pretty fresh and ‘bouncy’. The bread that came with it was a bit meh though – I think it was meant to be eaten with the salmon but you know me, I probably got a bit ahead of myself and obviously didn’t do that.

Seafood Platter
Mornay with Chips

The mornays were generously cheesed. Is that even an adjective? Well, now it is hahahaha… Anyway it wasΒ so generously cheesed that every bite I took was basically cheese. I couldn’t even taste the lobster because it was all just cheese. Hmmm…

Mornay with Salad

Also there was cakeage that was like $5 per person – and although this sounds a little steep, we did have three cakes and we had the chef cut it and serve it for us. They even presented it really nicely on a plate – and sang us a really intense birthday song πŸ˜›

And although we booked, it was a Tuesday night and it honestly looked like you didn’t need a booking. The inside was pretty empty, but definitely book if you have a big group!


First visitΒ (2014)

After much difficult contemplation on where we should have dinner that Monday night (deciding between Hard Rock and Grill’d in Harbourside also), we settled on Cyren, with the majority of us thinking that our wallets would be crying by the end of the night. You do not know how many times I have passed this restaurant while walking through Darling Harbour and looked at the delicious plates of fresh seafood, their fancy table settings or the higher class atmosphere.

Their menu amused me, like an old fashioned newspaper. It sort of fools you, but there isn’t really much variety on it apart from a few salads, pizzas, seafood and lots of steak! I’m pretty sure there were more drinks than food…


Ok so I did not feel like a steak that day, nor did I feel like a pizza or a salad. The only option for me was therefore fish, or a good old steak sandwich/beef burger. In the end, I chose the Angus steak sandwish, because the description sounded nice, fresh and not too heavy – Angus steak, rocket, beetroot, tomato, onion rings and mayo on turkish bread.

For starters, we ordered to plates of a unique “honey, chilli and cheese bread”.Β Image

This thing was honestly really delicious!! The combination of the mild sweetness of the honey, plus the buttery melted cheese and theΒ Image

When my steak sandwich arrived at the table, I was amazed at the size of this thing, mostly at the huge chuck of bread I was getting. It was like a steak sub. A good lot of chips on the side with BBQ sauce made this dish incredibly good value for money. I had a hard time eating the sandwich with my hands so i’m sorry for being weird.. but I did use the cutlery provided and made a mess of it on my plate. Not the fanciest eater in this fancy restaurant..

I expected the waiter to ask how I would like my steak done, but he didn’t, so I guess they were the same well done for all of them. Despite this, it was surprisingly tender and delicious. It was a classic and it was enough to satisfy while I sat there soaking up the atmosphere. Here’s the thing about restaurants with a waterfront view. You come here half for the food, half for the atmosphere.


And you couldn’t have gotten a better view from where we were sitting. Prime location, great service by the staff who were always enthusiastic, great atmosphere set by the restaurant. It got a little dark while we were eating so we asked if there were lights… unfortunately there weren’t but they did turn on the heaters that offered some lighting. Obviously they were going for the dimness creating a mysterious yet serene atmosphere. I did feel comfortable sitting there for a good few hours so all in all, it was a good experience.

Here are some other things tried from the menu:


Chicken Souvlaki Pizza

I did try a slice of this pizza. It looked massive and I was worried my tiny friend couldn’t finish it all!! (Well, she didn’t finish it all, because it was actually huge). In saying that, it was not a heavy pizza. The base was extremely thin. The crust was nice and crunchy. The chicken was tender and well seasoned in large chunks and the yoghurt swirl added an excellent tartness to the otherwise salty slice.


Fisherman’s Basket

Did not try this but it looked impressive. Fresh seafood fried? What more could you want?

The Verdict?

Prime location, excellent service and atmosphere, good quality food. If you’re a bit tight on budget, then this could be risky, but for me, it was well worth it.

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