Hoy Pinoy @ Night Noodle Markets

The Top Line: They have pork belly skewers… pork belly and chicken skewers in marinade. But I’ll stop at pork belly and let the food do the speaking – SO GOOD. Bonus: It’s BBQ pork belly, folks!

The review: If one could name one of the most, if not the most popular stall at the Night Noodle Markets, then it will be Hoy Pinoy. The lines for this place snake around like four times and when you stand in line, the smell of the simple meat skewers grilling will get you salivating.

This year, 2015, they had two stalls set up. One was closer to the main entrance, which is the one with the super long lines, whereas there was another further in with almost no line at all – there you go, our tip for next time 🙂


It really comes down to the marinade they douse the meat in – and it’s a winner! I really like the pork belly one, whereas the chicken one is still good, but not as amazing.


It kind of makes me sad that they do not have a permanent place and only do temporary pop ups! But I’m sure they will be back soon hehehe 😀

– C

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