Bridge Street Room – Sydney CBD

Bridge Street Room (3-Course Lunch, November 2016)


A succulent on every table, fancy.

Food: 9/10

Service: 8/10

Ambience: 9/10

Cost/Value: $110 for three courses incl. sides

Highlight: Most of the entrees


Bridge Street Room is one of the few three hat restaurants in Sydney for 2016. However, if you want to compare it to Quay, it doesn’t seem to have the same glam, hype and excitement surrounding the name. It’s located in the CBD area, without glistening harbour views and is commonplace for business lunches.

The restaurant itself was small but had a lot of light coming through making it airy yet sophisticated. Was greeted nicely by the staff and they remained professional yet approachable throughout the entire service.

The food itself was great! High quality, high standards. May have a bit slow in between courses, but we just feasted on the bread and butter instead.


I found the spanner crab entree to be my absolute standard dish of the meal. It was an incredibly fresh dish that captured the quality crab meat. There was a creamy sauce which was not overbearing and the white petals brought out a tiny bit of sweetness. It also looked stunningly elegant on the plate.

The quail came with this ball, which we never figured out what it was exactly. The quail dish in comparison was rather sweet, and came with a blob of a sweet-ish sauce, complimenting the meat nicely. Both of them were special though, both recommended!


The lamb was a great main to have. It had this deep smokey flavour on the crust but the meat was tender and cooked medium-well. It came with a variety of interesting things on the plate, of which I especially loved the pickled caper leaves and the salty cooked greens. Those two pieces of meat were surprisingly filling!

The murray cod was great piece of fish. Unfortunately, the flavour, although leaning towards an Asian influence,  was a bit bland. For someone who is accustomed to bland food though, this wouldn’t be a bad choice. For me though, the lamb won.

The sides on offer for lunch time included a bowl is mixed leaves with a tangy dressing and a velvety & creamy mash, which worked beautifully with my lamb, not so much with the fish – another + for the lamb!


This is where it got interesting. I had expected so much from the desserts, especially if you were going to call it ‘perfumed fruit’ – how can fruit be perfumed?! What would it smell like?? To my surprise, it smelt … wonderfully fruity, like the aromas were heightened and exaggerated. To my surprise on the flip side, the fruit still tasted like normal fruit – there was a selection of rockmelon, passionfruit and mango all ‘compressed’, with a nice ginger bread and long pepper ice-cream on top. The icecream wasn’t bad, just tasted gingery but went really well with the fruit.

The ‘whipped’ black sesame dessert was immense with its black sesame taste. I have to say I did like the melon and the puffed rice, it all worked very well together. I guess I would’ve been happier if the whipped sesame was sesame icecream instead. All in all, the desserts were average and sounded more amazing than they tasted.

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