Ume Burger – Barangaroo

Welcome to Ume burger in Baragaroo (just next to the iconic Belle’s hot chicken)! They only have 4 burger options on offer – beef, prawn katsu, pork katsue and vegetable patty. We opted to try the pork katsu “Menchi Burger” and the beef pattie “Ume Burger” for $14~ each.


This burger was THE BOMB. I thoroughly enjoyed it from the bread (brioche and soooo nice) to the crunch, to the sauce to the lettuce. Everything was perfect. It was satisfying but doesn’t leave you with that ‘omg i need to jog 10km to work this off now’ feeling (probs still do, but it wasn’t overly heavy). Would 110% recommend as burger of choice at this joint.

Menchi Burger




After trying the Menchi burger, I found this very disappointing, although C didn’t mind it. There was a special ‘wagyu mince sauce’, which was what drew me to the burger in the first place, but upon tasting it, I could best describe it as bolognaise. It was salty and too meaty, which was highly unnecessary considering the really good beef patty that was in the burger and there was already saltiness from the cheese. Furthermore, the addition of the mince sauce made the delicious brioche bun rather soggy. In contrast to the ‘crunch’ from the katsu and crispness from the lettuce in the Menchi burger, this was very muted in texture but overpowering in flavour. Would not recommend coming to Ume just to try the beef burger because there are plenty of other places that do a fine job.



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