Chef’s Gallery – Macquarie Centre

Came here for a birthday lunch and was pleasantly surprise with all the food. Despite the price being a little bit $$, I thought the quality and taste of each dish was great and walked away feeling like my money was well spent. I had a reservation for 12pm and even though the restaurant was quite empty at that time, it filled up very quickly come the lunch rush and by 12:30, there were already lines outside the door.

Jellyfish, seaweed, dried beancurd and carrot salad – This is a cold starter dish with really well balanced flavours and a little bit of spice. My only concern was the very little amount of Jellyfish (maybe 5 strands) piled on top. It was gone within the first two bites.

Chinese Roti with Duck – Just like a Chinese duck wrap with cucumber, crispy skin peking duck, shallots and hoisin sauce but wrapped in a crunchy roti instead. It comes with 6 pieces so was great for sharing. I really loved this one!

Battered King Prawns – There were about 10 large prawns that were fried beautifully. The batter was a bit crumbly but a bit tempura like… It’s hard to describe but it was very nice and belonged with the wasabi mayo.

Salt & Pepper Spinach Tofu – I found this tofu had a very similar batter to the prawns, so I got tired of it quite quickly. The outside was quite salty but the inside was silky and had its natural tofu taste, which balanced out its crust.

Crispy Caramelised Eggplant  – This dish was so fun! Think sweet n sour pork, fried banana and toffee apple all in one! Because it was eggplant, it was very hard for the eggplant on the inside to soak in any flavour, but that was OK because the crunchy caramelised skin was A+.

Thee egg friend rice – What three eggs you ask? Normal egg, salted duck egg and century egg. What a genius idea! The fried rice was cooked very well, on par with Din Tai Fung fried rice with each grain existing on its own and just the right amount of seasoning. This could be a stand alone lunch if you were coming here on your own, but it was nice to share and get a taste of everything.

The Final Verdict?

Chef’s Gallery has a lot to offer and is much more than a restaurant catered towards any one type of person. It’s great for a quick solo lunch, a nice date, a family gathering or a group feast. There are many dishes that are shareable and also many one person options. The service might not be the friendliest but it sure is fast and efficient!

Food: 8.5/10 (delicious food I could barely fault)

Ambience: 8.5/10 (loved the interior of the restaurant!)

Service: 8/10 (speedy speedy)

Value: 7/10 (a little bit pricey but yummo)

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